The Challenge

Impress potential customers with ProAll’s superior technology advantage.

ProAll wanted a way to increase their sales internationally, and as a Canadian-based company, found that their global sales offering lacked the same impact as their in-person showroom floor experience.


Simply talking about the superior technology they offered wasn’t a substitute for the hands-on, one-on-one attention and education they would receive on the showroom floor.

A virtual Build-A-Mixer sales center perfectly fit the need to emulate the in-person showroom walk around of ProAll’s impressive product.

The ProAll website shown on a desktop, tablet, and smartphone


We not only needed a tool that truly captured the essence of their showroom experience, we needed a multi-media campaign capable of attracting the right audience and driving them to the website.

Therefore, we launched an integrated advertising campaign that focused on delivering our ads to decision makers within ProAll’s customer base.

A ProAll cement mixer truck, isolated on a transparent background.


Messaging remained on-point by using the common vernacular of potential customers. And it was this language that helped guide a larger, long-term SEO strategy focused on attracting qualified buyers via improved organic search rankings.

Furthermore, we built specific advertising funnels for each identified audience, complete with strategic ads that showcased ProAll’s understanding of, and desire to cater to, each unique path to purchase.

Once they clicked on an ad, they were brought to the best-fit page of ProAll’s website, ensuring each visitor felt as though the ads and website were designed specifically for their needs.


Rather than expecting our audience to make their decision at first point of contact, we strategized ways to remain top-of-mind for anyone that came to the trade shows or visited the website.

Remarketing, email campaigns, contest incentives and social media content all drove our messages appropriately over time as a way to ensure multiple touch points between ProAll and those who needed more time to make a purchase decision.

An image collage of ProAll advertising examples and advertising statistics.
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