The Challenge

The Health Sciences Association of Alberta represents more than 25,000 members and 250+ health science disciplines.

In 2017, their primary goal was to increase the engagement between them and their members around some key issues, as well as to build rapport as a group to ensure they were positioned to act efficiently and effectively during labour negotiations.

At the same time, HSAA wanted to build on the momentum that was achieved via two years of ongoing brand messaging.


The need for ongoing, unfettered engagement with their members led Scout to suggest a comprehensive, member-focused website portal that would engage, inform and reward members. Here, members could access required documentation, discuss current issues and share industry news, without the fear of interference or negative repercussions from the public or their employers.

At the same time, we built on the momentum of our existing “Caring Hands of HSAA” marketing campaign, repurposing our video and other creative assets to speak to a refreshed approach to their ongoing brand message.


Based on the mix of a specific (members) and general (Albertans) audience, our marketing and communications strategy required a two-tiered approach that considered the needs and values of both.

In addition to our ongoing use of appropriate digital media, we worked with HSAA to facilitate a multi-day convention focused on bringing member representatives together to communicated past successes, current challenges and future goals.


Once an individual clicked on one of our ads, they were taken to a campaign-focused landing page that showcased members sharing a collection of useful life hacks, clearly communicated the HSAA brand and drove them to a contest entry form for the chance to win one of 50 prizes.

By rewarding ongoing participation, and ensuring that we always provide value in our offerings, we have significantly grown HSAA’s database of engaged followers and increase the awareness of the work they do across the province they serve.


At Scout, we understand the value of multiple points of contact with a brand as a necessary means of creating and maintaining accurate brand awareness.

In a world where unions are often unfairly judged for the work they do, we assign great value to the opportunity to engage with our client’s audiences directly, in a way that proves otherwise.

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