The Challenge

Find a way to share detailed analytics of the impact of a brand activation event that is attractive, comprehensive and user-friendly.

Communicating the full value and reach of an activation can be tough when you are speaking about multiple data sets, comparing apples to oranges and planting seeds of value that won’t come to fruition until long after the activation is completed – we were tasked with finding a solution.


We specialize in finding the right-fit software tools for our clients, and when the right-fit doesn’t exist, we are fully equipped to build something from scratch.

We combined these two approaches to custom-develop a data entry and display dashboard that captured a full-picture view of the impact of Fervent’s experiential marketing activations. Real-time data from each event could be uploaded easily, with minimal training, allowing the brand ambassadors to avoid the inefficiencies and inaccuracies that could come from relying on a middle-man.


While on-site experiential marketing does a great job of bringing a relevant offering to a qualified audience, it is relatively restricted in its ability to reach anyone not present during the activation.

By building a landing page that could promote the brand activations in advance, and engaging in trackable retargeting strategies following the activation, we were able to build more hype, drive more traffic and report on the full-picture influence of each activation.


By ensuring both Fervent and their client’s brands facilitated as much engagement as possible through social media, digital advertising and website content, we helped build the value of the activations for both sides.

Furthermore, by analyzing the detailed analytics that defined their audience, we were able to provide strategic messaging recommendations that were more likely to capture the attention of their engaged clientele.


Rather than approaching Fervent’s event activations as a one-off opportunity to get a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer from participants, we strategized ways to remain top-of-mind for anyone that came into contact with a brand they may be interested in, but not ready to purchase.

Remarketing and social media strategies stretched our engagement with undecided individuals over time as a way to ensure multiple opportunities to consider, share or act on the offer.

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