The Challenge

Evanston Summit, Covenant Living’s most recently built property, is an independent living facility focused on offering modern, comfortable condos to Calgary’s vibrant seniors looking for a new place to call home.

And while the asset’s offering would traditionally be in high-demand, its opening in 2016, a time when Calgary’s economy was the lowest in years, led the Evanston Summit ownership team to look for a marketing and communications partner.


Scout worked with Evanston Summit to understand the true value of their offering and to develop strong messaging attached to an integrated campaign that would drive prospects to a new, sales-focused website.

The website was designed to cater to an elderly audience, with copy, images and design that considered their needs, proactively addressed known concerns and showcased the beauty and vibrance of the Evanston Summit property and community.


Our Evanston Summit marketing and communications campaign identified the need to reach multiple audiences that included: seniors looking for a home, family of seniors looking for a solution to a challenge, real estate agents, seniors unhappy with their current senior-facility living situation and the local media.

Thus, our focused, integrated marketing efforts extended across social media, focused search and display advertising, newspaper, direct mail, open house events, press releases and an email campaign.


To capitalize on the power of emotional engagement, our messaging positioned Evanston Summit as the solution to recognized pain points traditionally felt by seniors while our creative featured vibrant, interesting and happy seniors that our preferred audience could relate to.

“It’s where I’d live” was the theme of our initial launch, a message that evolved into “Comfortable retirement living.”

In addition to speaking to the benefits of Evanston Summit, we showed Calgary’s seniors that Evanston Summit was all about community through an on-site event series, free to the public, that educated them on key differentiators as well as entertained them with delicious food, top-notch facilities and the warm spirit of community.

Social media, direct mail and an email campaign were all used to raise awareness, share stories and summarize the key messaging for each event.


Choosing where to live is not something anyone should take lightly, which is why we understood our work with Evanston Summit to be an ongoing exercise in communication that catered to several path to purchase needs.

Our efforts, which were tracked and reported on throughout the campaign, showed significant return on our investment with several purchasers reporting they’d seen multiple positive messages about Evanston Summit, prior to booking a sales appointment.

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