Our Team Brings More to the Table

Expert-Level Marketing and Communications

Scout has the breadth and depth to provide a full-spectrum of communications, marketing and advertising solutions. When we approach a project, be it huge or tiny, we do so with a laser-like focus on strategy.

As our client you will work directly with our core team of senior level “Scouts” who earned their badges with nearly two decades of marketing, advertising and communications experience each. Our collaborative process allows us to be an extension of your client’s team. We meet your business goals by providing measurable, results driven campaigns that create bottom line results for you, your employees and the communities you serve.

We are made up of small group of highly experienced, highly qualified, highly engaged, high-achievers. We’ll work with you to solve problems, knock down barriers, exceed goals… and have the time of our lives doing it!

Diverse Background

Our team hasn’t always worked here at Scout.

We have extensively diverse backgrounds and decades of experience working for marketing and communication agencies, corporations, non-profits and government agencies. Today, Scout represents the unification of our collective insight, education and experience, positioned deliver the results you seek.


Research drives everything we do.

It drives our initial recommendations and confirms the success of our activities.

To that end, we employ a team of full-time research experts, recognized and regularly relied on across Canada by government, the education sector and private-businesses alike, to deliver concrete data and key insights.

Furthermore our digital team is trained and certified in a variety of best-practice analytical research methods that ensure we provide detailed reports to support any recommendation we deliver.

Full Service Branding

Integrated campaigns should work harmoniously.

Ensuring your efforts are unified in purpose can be hard to accomplish when you are unaware of the full picture and how each specific tactic is meant to contribute.

Fortunately, in addition to being experts in branding, we offer integrated, full-service marketing and communications execution that allows us to provide efficiencies and synergies for maximized returns. And because we are able to deliver a full-scope of tactical services, we can confidently recommend the best-fit strategy for accomplishing your goals without fear of eliminating ourselves as the best-fit for the execution.


Today’s world is complex, fast and ever-changing.

Brands positioned to capitalize on the advantages that come from modern, best-in-class technology will quickly outperform those still relying on outdated or antiquated tactics.

To guarantee the most comprehensive and innovative solutions, it isn’t enough to sell technology as a middleman; you need in-house, hands-on experts.

At Scout, we understand the language and value of technology because we are active contributors to the industry. We don’t just sell ideas secondhand, we build solutions.

Results Driven

We help brands achieve measurable goals.

When you speak to our clients about what makes us special, you won’t hear them talking about the work as much as the results.

We track, measure, report on and refine wherever needed. We are not afraid to fail fast if it means gaining an understanding that we can build on. This is not to say we don’t constantly strive to put our best foot forward, but rather, it describes the approach of a firm that is never done, never satisfied and is always looking for ways to improve to achieve results worthy of your investment.


Humans are still attracted to beauty.

At the end of the day, we wouldn’t be a very good creative agency if we were unable to produce attractive work.

However, we view creativity less as the ability to create pretty pictures and more as an endless approach to solving problems. Of course, we have the ability to create beautiful work, we just make sure each deliverable is strategically designed to maximize the worth of each image’s ‘thousand words’.

Relationship and Project Management

We follow an agile approach on all projects.

We offer a combination of strategic and proactive delivery, with the ability to quickly react when needed to ensure no opportunity or need goes unaddressed.

We believe that collaboration with all stakeholders to define deliverables and deadlines ensures efficiency, peace-of-mind and an overall better product – on time and on budget.

We use a proven, online, project-management tools to facilitate our plan and keep everyone on the same page and invested in the process. Furthermore, we make ourselves readily available to address any last-minute requests or challenges whenever they arise.

Fair Pricing

We believe that marketing is an investment.

As such, it deserves the same attention to detail and measurable return as any other money spent. That’s why we focus on providing maximized value at reasonable prices. It’s why so many of our clients come to us as a result of a referral, and stay loyal to us long-term.

Looking to compare our offerings to that of another agency? We welcome the opportunity to compare prices against any of our competitors, but only if you are willing to include results as part of the equation.

The Scout Advantage

We Come to the Table Educated, Experienced and Equipped.

We believe that the most effective scouts bring specific expertise to the table that differentiates them from the pack — and that’s what equips the team at Scout Communications to serve you better.

Coffee being poured into a cup and saucer, sitting in a pile of spilled coffee beans.
Coffee being poured into a cup and saucer, sitting in a pile of spilled coffee beans.

Julie Copithorne


Julie’s unique, blend of cross-functional management, marketing and business experience, combined with an unquenchable passion for growth, makes her an ideal leader for our eclectic team.

A trio of deer in a grassy field.
A trio of deer in a grassy field.

Cid Hanna

Account Director

Cid’s “Consider It Done” attitude and wide range of professional skills has earned her a strong reputation as a catalyst for success and the glue that keeps our team focused and moving in unison.

Out of focus close up of a map opened in front of a in focus mountain.
Out of focus close up of a map opened in front of a in focus mountain.

Lindsey Thompson

Account Coordinator

Lindsey’s wide range of writing, administrative and communication skills, combined with her willingness to contribute wherever needed, makes her a reliable go-to for a variety of challenges.

A strawberry being dipped into chocolate fondue.
A strawberry being dipped into chocolate fondue.

Jan Jackson


Jan is a senior-level accounting professional with more than 30 years experience in financial management and customer service – making her as reliable as she is sweet.

Close up of a book being read.
Close up of a book being read.

Zandee Jackson

Accounting Assistant

Zandee brings her youthful enthusiasm and ‘beyond-her-years’ efficiency to the office every day as she ensures our accounting department always remains up-to-date and focused on comprehensive service.

​Janet Brown


Janet Brown’s extensive experience in quantitative and qualitative research makes her the perfect partner for an agency that strives to remain ever-curious, strategic and focused on the view from above.

A field of purple flowers.
A field of purple flowers.

Cheryl Taylor

Director, Media

Cheryl’s 30+ years’ experience in traditional and digital media planning and buying has built her a strong reputation as an industry veteran with the unique ability to ensure growth on any budget.

A peaceful mountain lake at sunset/sunrise.
A peaceful mountain lake at sunset/sunrise.

Filipe Biondi

Creative Director

Filipe brings his passion for all forms of creativity to every project he takes on, and provides a refreshing approach to creative leadership that maximizes the “1,000 words” of every deliverable.